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There are many communities for icons but very few that deal with backgrounds and customization also. Join here if you'd like help with making your LiveJournal fit together nicely - you might want a whole background made, an icon re-coloured or both.

Or, you could be at the opposite end of the spectrum and want to help in giving help.
We like to think of ourselves as a friendly community no question is too dumb and there's no need to say "I don't understand 'LiveJournal code', Im dumb". We all started at the beginning remember.

Before joining:
Read this page, this way you can see if this community is for you! Please note, we are a LiveJournal community. If you require help for a website, or a daughter/clone site, this is not the place.

Before posting:
Check the LJ FAQ. // Check HowTo // Check the memories. // Read this page. // Make sure you are not using an offensive userpic/icon the post will be removed.

After posting:
Look at your post, see if there are any mistakes, correct them. No, I'm not talking about grammar and things. I'm talking about non-closed tags, and things like that. To edit a community post read this FAQ.

  • NEVER give out your password, and never request someone's password. Your account can get suspended by LiveJournal if you ask for passwords.
  • Be DECSRIPTIVE with what you're asking for. If you want your journal to look like someone elses, that's fine.
  • Let us know your ACCOUNT TYPE when posting. Sure, we can look on your user info, but this takes time.
  • When posting complex discriptions, codes, big images, more than 2 icons/images, please use the LJ Cut Code:
    <lj-cut text="any text you want here">
  • No off topic posting, or advertising communities, community_promo is the place for that. If you are unsure of what is "off topic" contact us.
  • Do not use MARQUEE tags in your posts. They're ugly, they break some non IE browsers. Be courteous.
  • If you have a problem with your style (paid/early/perm accounts) make the style PUBLIC and post the STYLE ID number.
  • Remember, everyone in this community is here because they want to be. The people who help are volunteers. Thanks and credit is always nice, but remember if you don't know how to do something - it's possible no-one else does, which is why you haven't received an answer.

// Sister Communities iconaddicts ljstyles stylehelp// LJD Recommends howto lj_style Please follow the rules at those journals and communities before you post, thank you.

Think we should add something? Let us know!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact kamara or shinoda. But please, dont contact us for journal help, just post it in the community.

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