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LJ pushed release 99 yesterday. Tucked away in the Russian release notes (link goes to translation/summary, not to official comm) is an announcement about a new style, Chameleon. The standard themes include a sidebar and no-sidebar version & two different unstyled versions (I'm not sure on the difference between them.) The layer info is available here.

On first glance it seems like a nice combination of the better bits of Expressive and Minimalism. When I get a chance to delve deeper into the CSS I might end up switching to this.
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Icons: Autumn 2012

It's been about a year since I last posted icons. If you're wondering why that it is, you can find a summary here. Since it's been a while since I posted last, I should probably let any new mods know that 1) I re-read the rules, 2) I settled the direct linking thing with mods in the past (based on the fact that my journal is, and always will be, public), and 3) I will be more than happy to discuss it further with you, should you have any questions or concerns. =)

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